Sour Patch KidsLast Sunday my jaw locked up. I had an immense dull pain in my rear molars and jaw. I thought maybe it was a tooth issue, as it felt like what I imagine the roots of your teeth feel like wrapping around your jaw bone (nice visual, eh?) The pain only moved from “dull” to “YOWEE” when I moved my jaw… which was whenever I spoke or breathed through my mouth. I took a few Extra Strength Tylenol and the pain lessened and strangely migrated up to the side of my face. The next morning the pain had mostly left my jaw and face, resting squarely in my ear. It felt like a small balloon, half-full of water, wedged in my ear canal… with spikes.

I was convinced that it was just allergies and would go away in a day or so. Well, it didn’t. Some days this week it felt better, some worse. One day I actually thought it might finally be gone. This morning was, by far, the most pain since it began. My entire ear was in pain and very tender.

Kate finally convinced me that it was probably a full-blown ear infection now and that I should see a doctor.

Well I made my appointment, but due to the late notice and the fact that I was a new patient who only had an ear infection, they said I would be seeing a Nurse Practitioner, not one of the doctors. Okay with me.

After all the paperwork and usual testing she narrowed it down to either (1) an inner ear infection or (2) a blocked saliva gland in my cheek. She got a second opinion from one of the actual doctors and he agreed that it could be either, but felt stronger that it was an ear infection. So the two of them got their heads together and decided to treat BOTH possibilities.

And so they prescribed me an antibiotic for the ear and SOUR PATCH KIDS (or really any sour candy of my choosing) to stimulate the saliva glands! This was a first in my book. I’ve never been prescribed candy by a doctor before.

So here I sit. Munching away on my Sour Patch Kids, stimulating those pesky saliva glands.