…well, technically the side of my head.

That minor ear infection I blogged about in my last post didn’t quite turn out the way anyone expected. The following four days after being prescribed the Amoxicillin and Sour Patch Kids was one of the most painful, uncomfortable and frustrating weekends of my life. I was popping Extra-strength Tylenol and Ibuprofen as if they were candy to compensate for the pain. I wasn’t able to sleep. It was too painful to eat. The pain and pressure in the side of my face and ear brought me to tears twice that weekend.

I returned to the doctor after the holiday weekend. He said it hurt just to look at me. I thanked him for his perceptive analysis and asked him what to do with the 5-day supply of amoxicillin I had remaining… He said to throw them out, he’ll prescribe me something better…. as the dollars spent at the CVS pharmacy floated across my brain and out the window.

What about the Ibuprofen?

“Oh, Ibuprofen’s not gonna do s*** for you.” (yes, that is a direct quote)

Gee, thanks. I kinda figured that out on my own doc.

So he went on to prescribe me two very potent antibiotics (one being in the form of ear drops). He also prescribed me a steroid to reduce the swelling in the side of my face and ear canal. And, after reminding him of the extreme pain I was in, he prescribed me Hydrocodone (which is more or less Vicadin), my pain drug of choice. He also wanted me to see an ENT the next morning because he feared my ear drum may be damaged. (insert a LOT more dollar signs here).

The ENT could not tell if my ear drum was damaged because he could not SEE my ear drum, since the swelling was so severe. He inserted a wick into my ear to help draw out the clogged fluid and help direct the ear drops. I was out of work the entire week. I returned to the ENT last Friday to have the wick removed. He was able to see the ear drum and didn’t see any damage. That was the first time in a week-and-a-half that I was able to hear in stereo again. The swelling was almost completely gone, I was off the pain meds and could hear through my left ear again. He wanted me to finish up my meds and come back to see him in a week.

The final diagnosis was a middle-ear infection, outer-ear infection and sinus infection, all at once.

I have my final appointment with the ENT this afternoon. I’ve considered skipping this appointment since I really do feel close to 100% now, but the peace of mind knowing that I’m all better is worth the $50 specialist co-pay my health insurance requires of me. Just glad it’s over.

A special note of love and appreciation goes out to Kate who, at 9 months pregnant had to deal with a 2-year-old and a sick, cranky 30-year-old for over a week, and did so with grace, kindness and gentleness.