One of the fun tasks I get to take on, as a pending new father, is to create a mix CD to bring to the hospital. The CD’s purpose is two-fold:

First, the majority of the songs should be relaxing and soothing to the mother. This does not mean it has to be elevator music – in fact, elevator music has been known to make certain people more aggressive, however something from Metallica’s latest album would probably not work either.

Secondly, there should be a few tracks on there that are fun, upbeat and topically relevant. If one of these songs were to come on during a relaxing period, you would simply skip it.

Here are some songs that are being considered for this new baby CD. This list will also give you a glimpse into the varied genres we enjoy listening to.

Billy Joel – Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Barenaked Ladies – When You Dream
Alison Krauss – Baby Mine
Alison Krauss – I’ll Fly Away
Tim McGraw – Where the Green Grass Grows
Bob Seager – You’ll Accompany Me
Boyz II Men – Yesterday
Firehouse – When I See You Smile
Guns N’Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
Jack Johnson – Better Together
Josh Kelley – To Make You Feel My Love
Norah Jones – Prettiest Thing
Bill Evans – Peace Piece
Rockapella – I Walk With You
Rockapella – Where is My Home?
Rockapella – Sittin on the Dock/Up on the Roof medley
Sarah McLachlin – Answer
John Mayer – Daughters
John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change
Acappella – Peace, Be Still

What would you add? What am I forgetting?
After the CD is made, I’ll post which songs made the final cut.