As most of my site visitors know, we are in the final days before Kate gives birth to our second daughter. Her due date is just under 27 hours from now, yet there are no clear signs that we’re very close. This would be called the waiting game.

I’ve learned that superstitions don’t take centuries to develop and work their way into societies. As you’re about to see, they require much less time. Kate recorded that she had been eating meatballs when she went into labor with Erin, and my sister mentioned that she heard that eggplant has been known to induce labor. So the past two nights I have gone out to Franks Pizzaria to pick up one meatball parm hero and one eggplant parm hero. You don’t argue with a pregnant woman’s food orders. (She wasn’t eating both… I would eat whichever one she didn’t want.) So far neither seem to hold any real procreation properties.

Kate has also been eagerly expecting tonight’s season premier of LOST. So much in fact, that in the event she were to go into labor tonight, I was devising a way to convince the hospital staff that we needed to have the TV turned ON during birth. I figured maybe she had just psyched her body into waiting, so as not to miss LOST. Yet sure enough, the show has come and gone and yet no rumblings. (Great episode, by the way!)

So the waiting game continues. I make sure to clean my plate at work each evening so as not to leave my co-workers with any slack to pick up. And every morning at least a few people are surprised to see me.

Erin was born a week late. We’re praying this one does NOT follow her big sister’s example.