Welcome to CreativeJournal.net!

If you’re reading this post, odds are that you followed a link from my old blog “Blaqenedwyte Blog.” Notice, I said “old” blog. I had several reasons to abandon not only Blaqenedwyte, but my domain name as well – none of which are important enough to share here.

Please take this opportunity – right NOW – to update your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds.

This new reincarnation of my blogging effort holds a special perk for me. I was able to not only import the posts from my Blaqenedwyte Blog, but also my old ORIGINAL blogger.com blog as well… resulting in a full compilation of all my blogging since I started back in April, 2004! Be sure to utilize the special Archiving system I have setup to explore the old posts if your heart so desires. Just click on the Archives page in the sidebar.

The writing direction of this new blog will be changing slightly as well. I will still be blogging about family-, canoe- and home-related things on occasion, but I will try and focus more on what I do for a living – which you can read about on my About page. Still, I won’t fall into the trap of blogging about my specific job/company/co-workers – I cannot afford to be dooced.

I really hope you enjoy my writing enough to continue to visit my little corner of cyberspace. I do appreciate it. Thank you.

Special thanks to Justin at WebbleYou for his hosting support and GKB for his technical help.