Things I learned after 8 days in San Antonio, Texas:

  • Only tourists pronounce the “io” in Antonio. It’s San Antone to those in the know.
  • If there’s not a hefty portion of pepper in your food, it’s not done yet.
  • Apparently the rules of southern hospitality prevent a waitress from simply taking your order, bringing your food followed by the check – for simply doing those few tasks might seem like she doesn’t really care… Instead, with each visit to my table, a 10 minute conversation needs to take place.
  • Walking around in a big cowboy hat somehow doesn’t look out of place.
  • As many times as I’ve eaten at a “Mexican” restaurant, I’ve never actually had real Mexican food until my friends DJ & Eric took me out to Mi Tierra. Wow.
  • It does get cold in southern Texas. Quite cold.
  • People actually like the Spurs.
  • Texas is Ford Country.
  • The Alamo Mission was not the disappointment others had me anticipating.