I think I can count on two hands my usual visitors to this blog. As I look at my daily hits and unique visitor statistics, I know that a lot more people find this blog on a daily basis, and I feel that it’s about time we met.

So, whether or not I know you personally, please leave a short comment letting me know who you are (first names are fine), and something interesting about yourself. Even if this is your first visit, leave a comment. Even if you found my blog on accident, leave a comment. Even if you NEVER leave comments on blogs you read, leave one here.

I mostly really curious as to who you are and why you come here.

As I creep up on my 3rd anniversary as a blogger, I have intentionally avoided a blog like this because, well… honestly, fear of rejection. It’s tough to put yourself out there like this and then get no comments back… or even worse, one or two. So, let my self-esteem experiment commence!