TransformersI’m generally not a big fan of film reviews because critics will eventually stop reviewing the technical aspects of the film and move into their own personal aesthetic. This doesn’t work because everyone likes different things. If you don’t enjoy certain genres, or you’re not within the film’s target demographics, then odds are you won’t give it a favorable review – rendering your critique pointless.

Worse yet,  when you read a film critique from someone who hasn’t even see the film… like mine below…

I’m very upset at Micahel Bay (director) and Transformers the Movie. I have every intention of seeing Transformers as soon as possible, but I don’t think seeing the film will make me any less upset. I was a Transformer kid. I had the toys. I played with them until they broke apart. I own the original feature-length cartoon film. I have most of the 80’s theme song memorized.

The reason that I’m upset is that two of the main characters, the backbones of the Autobots (the good guys),  Jazz and Bumblebee, have been given new vehicle types for the movie. Jazz was (and always will be in my mind) a white Porsche and Bumblebee was a yellow VW Beetle. The financial backing from General Motors that the movie received was apparently enough to alter the creative decision making on the film. Jazz, no longer a white Porsche, is now a silver Pontiac Solstice. Bumblbee, no longer a beetle, is a yellow Camaro. Surely I can devote an entire blog in the future to the pros and cons of hollywood and corporate product placements.

I’m not sure which of these changes upsets me more. The vehicle type added so much to the character’s personality. Is a Camaro as funny as a VW Beetle? I don’t think so. Is Bumblebee even going to have a sense of humor? The comic relief is now a muscle car, and the witty white Porsche looks as mean as the Batmobile.

When I do see Transformers, it better be more than meets the eye.