My buddy Joe Hays sent me a link to this New York Times article – The Road to Clarity.

It’s about Don Meeker, an environmental designer’s quest to improve the legibility of typography used on American highway signs. The article chronicles Meeker’s typeface, Clearview Gothic, and his attempts to convince the U.S. bureaucracy to replace the clunky “Highway Gothic” font.

Joe sent me the link because the article mentions Don Meeker went to Pratt Institute, as did I, and he thought I’d like to read it, which I did.

However, the real gem (for me) was the designer who Meeker found to improve the rough draft of his typeface. Meeker tapped James Montalbano, a brooklyn-based custom font designer, and one of my typography teachers while at Pratt (Type III, 96-97).

It’s a great article, highlighting how important good design is. In this case, it could even save lives.

Article Link [via Joe]