My buddy Greg Kendall-Ball lives in west Texas, but don’t hold that against him. He spent most of his formative years (4th-12th grade) growing up in, and traveling throughout South Africa, which has provided him a unique world view, and a tremendously compassionate heart for the underprivileged of this world. I met Greg through the blogosphere, and we formed a fast friendship.

Greg is also a budding photographer – and a great one at that – and has been offered the chance of a lifetime to travel to Gulu, Uganda (just south of the Sudan border) to shoot a series of photo-documentary essays for the organization Invisible Children. Unfortunately since Greg is volunteering his skills, IC can’t pay for his travels, and so he needs financial help. Please don’t stop reading…

All I ask is that you follow the link below to his blog, read about his trip and if you feel moved to throw a few bucks his way, please do so. Just click on the donate button in his sidebar. If not, at the very least drop him a quick e-mail of encouragement.

His photos will have the potential to help so many people in need.

Greg’s trip details:

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Photo copyright Greg Kendall-Ball