One of the reasons I tell people that I love my just-shy-of-an-hour commute – besides the windy, mountain roads and beautiful scenery – is that I get to listen to and absorb a lot of great information from podcasts. I subscribe to and download many podcasts onto my iPod, which through the magic of an FM Transmitter, I play through my car stereo.

Here are some of my favorites lately:

Ad Age Audio Reports
It’s basically a gossip mag about Ad Agencies and their clients, instead of celebrities. Always informative.

Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac (APM)
Garrison’s deep, buttery voice reading poetry is sometimes the best brain decompression I could ask for after a long day at work.

The Accidental Creative / The Creative Interview
I’m a new listener to these guys, but haven’t heard anything I haven’t liked. Good, practical advice for creative pros to use in their day-to-day interactions and creative sessions.

Car Talk (NPR)
Click and Clack never cease to teach me something new about my car, while making me laugh.

StoryCorps (NPR)
Real people telling real stories from their very real lives. Amazingly moving testimonies.

The Onion Radio News
Nobody quite understands my disgust for network news as much as The Onion. Witty, sarcastic and sometimes downright mean. Good stuff!

This American Life
Always compelling.

Top Stories from North Country Public Radio
Allows me to keep up to date with local stories from my favorite home away from home, the Adirondacks of upstate NY.

WNYC’s Radio Lab
The hosts dissect the way our world works from every angle possible. I’m pretty sure I walk away from each episode with more questions than answers, but my questions are better than they used to be!