stuckIt’s been a long time since I clicked “write a post” on my blog software. The crazy thing (for me) is that I actually have nothing to blog about. I’m an absolute blank slate. I have no brilliant insight, new information or spectacular news to convey about my life. Good start so far!

These past few months I’ve felt rather dried up, in regards to my blogging. Lack of time and a strong sense of having nothing to contribute to the blogosphere would be my main reasons. I suppose that’s pretty normal, as lots of bloggers are white hot for several months and then disappear as quickly as they came… but this blog, in its many forms, has been online since April of 2004. That’s a pretty decent run, as far as the average blog life is concerned.

Given my background and expertise(?) it would seem normal – if not expected – to see me blog about the Super Bowl commercials this past Sunday. I did consider it. But you know what? There are THOUSANDS of people blogging their expert, and amateur, reviews of the Super Bowl commercials. Does my voice in that clanging and obnoxious crowd really need to be heard?

I think it just bores me to blog about, write about, think about “work stuff.”

But that makes me wonder if that boredom is a symptom of my inner lack of passion for what I do… or am I just afraid of getting burned out… or pigeon-holed… or am I afraid that I’m just limited in what I know well enough to talk about?

And what really bugs me about those questions is, they show that my own blogging “code,” that is, to blog for yourself and no one else, has been completely thrown out the window. All of those questions above are asked by someone who blogs for other people. Blogs for their audience and not their own enjoyment. I’ve lost, somewhere along the way, the FUN of blogging and I want it back.

This blog has been a source of fun for me in several reincarnations. It began as a Daddy Blog, blogging about the expected birth of my first daughter and then the months following the birth. It morphed into a PhotoBlog, where I just posted my photography and little else. It then became a Design Blog. A place for me to explore and dissect the many facets of the marketing, advertising and design world.

Now I’m stuck. I don’t really want to return to any of those things exclusively. The thought of exclusively blogging about any of those does not excite me. And, the thought of a massive hybrid blog – where I blog about anything and everything – which has no overwhelming theme scares me too, because I know that a hybrid blog does not attract a larger audience, it spreads the audience thin. And that concerns me because, like everything I do, I want it to be successful. I don’t want my blog to shrivel up and die.

So, I’m stuck and open to suggestions from my tiny, tiny percentage of the world’s blog readers.