What is the deal with big corporate giants leading with their own selfish, misguided interests at the expense of their own reputation?

Last week it is was Wal-Mart trying to collect $470,000 from a former employee who is now brain damaged. Way to care about the little-guy there, Wally. Luckily they finally woke up and retracted their suit, but the PR damage was done.

Now it is Apple, Inc. submitting a formal opposition to the City of New York’s (aka The Big Apple) trademark for a new apple logo for their GreeNYC Campaign. Apple Inc. claims that NYC & Company’s new logo will “confuse” consumers into thinking it has something to do with their computer company.

You can decide for yourself, but I say that’s completely ridiculous. As someone who designs logos, the notion that even the most obtuse consumer would see these as the same company is ridiculous. What surprises me even more is that Apple has traditionally been the company that truly cares about design, and one would think that they would have a better understanding of design as a whole. Apparently they only care about their own designs. This self-obsession comes across in the actual legal opposition (.pdf) as they refer to their own company as “world-famous.” That just rubs me the wrong way.

(Sources: Neatorama and Wired News)