Kate and I went to her OB yesterday to get our second ultrasound exam to see our new baby. Since this is a new doctor’s office for Kate, they have different (read: “newer”) technology than her previous OBs. One shining example is their ultrasound machine. It performs all the same functions as a traditional 2D, black and white, sonograms… but with the touch of button transforms the image on screen into this 4D video of your baby.

Now, if you’re like me (which can be both good or bad…) you’re thinking, “4D?? I didn’t think the universe had more than three dimensions… what gives?” Well, a quick hunt on wikipedia describes the new technology as producing a 3-dimensional image, with the additional dimension of movement (and sound!). (wiki article here)

The images are so beautiful and at the same time so shocking. To see so clearly the baby still in the process of forming, yet still so SO tiny is simply breathtaking.

The technician was planning to give us the option of taking home traditional 2D printouts if we were too freaked out by the 4D images, but our baby boy was being too active and uncooperative during the exam, so our tech was only able to capture a few 4D images of his face, no 2D… so we weren’t left with much of a choice. And in retrospect I’m glad.

Without further ado, I present the first multi-dimensional images of our son: