I’m a huge Classic Rock fan. As a child of the 70s, I enjoy rockin’ out to everything from Bob Seger to Zepplin to Skynyrd to Boston and the Steve Miller Band. My tastes even stem into the late 60s and 80s (Debbie Gibson Yeah!… just kidding). And, like the rest of our planet’s audio-enabled population, I like The Beatles. I will even conceed that they would make my “Top 5 Greatest Bands of All Time” list – but then again, so would GNR. I credit my sister’s high school boyfriend with getting me into Classic Rock. He used to make me mix tapes (remember those?) with some of his favorite music. I remember the first time I heard “Paradise By The Dashboard Light“. I was like “is that Phil Rizzuto??” With that being said…

At almost any given time during the work day, my radio at work is tuned to the local NYC classic rock station (Q104.3 FM). They play all my favorites throughout the week, however, I’ve noticed a major lean toward playing Beatles tunes – and it’s gotten to the point of being a distraction at work. “Two-fer Tuesdays” are the worst. It’s so bad that we joke around the office about it being their “Beatles Lunch Hour” and their “Beatles Drive Time” and their “Beatles 9:37-10:37 Block”…. They even have a segment every day called “This day in Beatles History” – no joke. Today’s was the anniversary of when the Beatles saw the Stones in concert in Liverpool and when it was time for their set that night, they went out wearing the same outfits that the stones had on earlier that night.

Now, I don’t want to pin all the blame on the radio station. More than likely, when the Program Manager plans each day’s play list, they’re using some bogus marketing data from some focus group in Boise that told them that the Beatles was the number one requested band on all the radio stations in Idaho. It just really bugs me that they can’t put a larger effort into varying their playlist more. Throw in an extra Journey song, or grab some James Taylor, or even play some Chicago (a band that almost is never played on this Classic Rock station for some odd reason). Sometimes you even hear the same Beatle’s song two days in a row. There is really no excuse for that given that they Beatles recorded SO MANY good songs.

Well, even after this rant I’m still listening so I guess it doesn’t bug me that much. It’s just annoying.