Support me in my walk!The weirdest thing happened tonight. Kate and I were sitting on our couch watching the Olympics. Erin was slumped on my chest sound asleep. Kate suggested that I run out to Dairy Queen and get us something tasty. She didn’t have to twist my arm too far. I hopped in the Civic and ran down to DQ and put in my order for two blizzards. As I was waiting I picked up a brochure for America’s Walk for Diabetes that would be happening just down the road in Franklin Lakes in late October.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to do one of these walks and am more than a little embarassed that I haven’t already taken part. Not only is it great excercise, not only will it help raise money to combat an evil disease, but it will be a super bonding time for me and Erin.

So here’s the plan. I plan to push Erin in her Snap-n-Go stroller the whole way. She’ll be 11 weeks old and more than ready for her first outdoor adventure with Dad. Kate will send us off with hugs and kisses and be waiting at the finish line with more.

It would really be awesome if you helped me raise some money for this great cause. I plan to wear a white baseball cap and write the names of all the people who supported me. And of course, I’ll blog my preparations up to the time of the walk.

Here are the details if you can help – and I know you can!

My personal webpage where you can donate (please click)
Walk Date: October 24, 2004 \ 8 a.m. Check-in \ 10 a.m. Start
Walk Location: BD Corporate Campus, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Thank you so much for even considering this. Your well-wishes are welcomed, but your donations and support will be remembered. Thanks!