erinYesterday, I took the morning off so that Kate and I could take Erin pumpkin picking at a very special place. We took her to Ort’s Farm in Long Valley. Ort’s was where I took Kate on our first date 11 years ago. It holds many special memories for us both and now we’ve begun to make some new ones with little Erin.

We have always gone to Ort’s on a Saturday, so this was our first time to visit on a Friday morning. Thinking we would miss the weekend crowds we got there nice and early. There were school children on a class trip across the road at the petting zoo area, but when we walked around to where you get the hay ride out to the pumpkin field it was deserted. Worried, we asked a worker. She said that they don’t start taking people out to the field until 2 o’clock and we were welcomed to wait around until then. Unfortunately we didn’t have that kind of time to spend. So, we helped ourselves to a few pumpkins that were pre-picked, some tasty winesap apples and some cider. We did spend some time meeting the bunnies, goats, cows and pot belly pigs but were soon back on the road headed north toward home. I got a great pumpkin for carving this year. A monster 44 lb. organic canvas. If you want to see my original carving from last year, click here. Not sure what design I’ll make for this year, but I’ll be sure to post it when I finish.


This morning, we went to the bank and opened a savings account for Erin. It was more fun than we expected due to our banker who was quite talkative about her personal life. I won’t go into too many details, but let’s just say I know more about her life, loves, children, boyfriend, church and typical Friday night than I do about most people I work with on a daily basis. It was enlightening to say the least.

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