Walk for DiabetesWell, the Diabetes Walk has come and gone so quickly that it hardly seems possible that it’s already over.

The walk was held on the corporate campus of BD in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Registration started at 8:30 a.m. and the walk began at 10:00. We got there just shy of 9 a.m. and signed-in. Fortunately, they had no problem allowing Kate to join us on the walk. We formed our little “Team Erin.” One of the women at the registration tent was very impressed with how much we raised (she looked for a bell to ring, but couldn’t find it). The average walker only raises $150, so our sponsors helped us raise more than average for all three of us!

We got some breakfast and did some light stretching. Erin took a little pre-walk power nap. Lots of folks were pushing babies, much like we were, and several brought their dogs. Most of the other babies were older and in umbrella style strollers and jogging strollers. By 10 a.m. we had made our way to the front of the pack and as they cut the starting ribbon, we were off. The high school girls track team, of course, took off like a shot, but the rest of us in the front kept a good pace the whole time.

BD’s campus was beautiful. Most of the walk took place on a gravel, leaf covered path through the woods. The crisp temperature constantly reminded us winter was just around the corner. The walk was a 2 mile loop that you walked twice. We made a wrong turn at one point (with about 100 other people), but successfully walked the entire distance.

It was a great morning, Erin was a doll the whole time, and we can trust that our $645 will be used wisely by the American Diabetes Association.

I put some photos together of the day if you are interested in seeing more. Click here.