gobbleTomorrow is my first Thanksgiving as a dad. Since becoming a father, almost every milestone – big or small – has a bright, new, shiny meaning. Things that used to be taken for granted have now become all-important.

There’s just so much to be thankful for this last year that I hesitate to list any for fear of leaving anything off the list. I’ll name a few now, with the understanding that the reader knows it is not an all-inclusive list:

The safe and healthy pregnancy my wife had (many women had it much tougher); Being blessed to even have a child; The safe labor and delivery for both my daughter and wife; The continued safety and health of our baby; The strength and love in my marriage; The example that our parents gave us of how to raise a strong, moral child filled with love and laughter; Good friendships; Being blessed with a career that I am happy in; A family that I love; The blessing of having a wife who’s love is deeper than the ocean.

These are just the things at the top of my list. I’m thankful for so much more this Thanksgiving that I just don’t have the space and desire to type. What are you thankful for this Turkey Day? Leave a comment and let me know.