TV Presidents

I’ll preface this post by stating that I am an addicted viewer of The West Wing (Sundays 8/7c, NBC), starring Martin Sheen as the lame duck President Josiah “Jed” Bartlett. So, my opinion is jaded and one-sided. Deal with it.

What is prompting me to write this post is the recent – and quite shockingly shocking – discovery that several of my friends watch the “show” Commander-In-Chief (Tuesdays 9/8c, ABC), starring Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen.

These friends of mine are not the sort of people that I would expect to watch such drivel a program. It amazes me when I hear somebody not only watches this show, but watches it routinely, as if they actually enjoy it!

Now, certainly the whole idea of a TV show about the White House being as popular as The West Wing could easily be extrapolated into several meanings, one being the need for the American people to feel secure in their actor-president who seemingly has more control over things than our actual President… but I digress…

What makes The West Wing such a great show is the witty, intellectual writing, combined with a seasoned cast of verteran actors, combined with an intricate story line that expounds over each season – intertwined with smaller plot lines, of course. There is no better drama on TV.

Commander-In-Chief is a show who’s only draw is the novelty that a woman could be President of the United States. Each episode presents the leggy President with a huge problem of national security proportions. Donald Sutherland’s character tries to foil her up so that she will not succeed, but the smart Geena Davis will always outwit him in the end. Yawn.

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