Erin Soccer BallAnd here we all thought my soccer days were over…

I’ve went and joined some friends in an adult soccer league. It is a casual, co-ed league organized by Zog Sports. We play on Sunday evenings on a beautiful turf field with lights on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our team name is 90’s Prime because the majority of our players were in their athletic prime in the 1990s (myself included). The best part is every team in the league plays for a charity of their choice. Our charity is Shiloh, Inc.

I’ve hesitated talking about this questionable move on my part for, well, several reasons. (1) I’m way out of shape (emphasis on WAY) and easily embarrassed. (2) My ball skills aren’t exactly what they used to be. (3) I was convinced that I would injure myself in our first practice and be out hurt the entire season – leaving nothing for me to talk about except why I was walking so funny.

Well, I made it injury-free through our two practices, our first real scrimmage (tied 1-1), our first game (lost 0-3), and now our second game (win 4-1). Unfortunately, we have suffered a few injuries in both our scrimmage and first game. I think I have taken a turn in every position on the field, including tonight’s game where I played goalie. It’s been so much fun to play soccer again. It brings back so many memories of high school and college soccer. I’m also enjoying the boost in exercise, which I sure needed.

There is video up on youtube of our first game that Jason made: HERE

If anyone is interested in coming out to cheer us on, I’d be happy to forward on our playing schedule.